" ... More Than Just A Florist."

Often, I think to myself that I am more than just a Florist.

I am entrusted by my clients to help them craft all of their wishes into bouquets of flowers.Deep inside, I have always believed that there are fairies in every single stalks of flowers to carry my best wishes to their loved ones.

Most of the time, I try to make the deliveries myself just to catch my client's smile or even just so that we can sing a birthday song together.

Among all the responsibilities, I am actually the best at waking up earlier than the Sun, to make sure I am able to get the prettiest flowers.

From witnessing couples falling in love, and starting a relationship to walking down the aisle; graduating from college and celebrating different stages of their life. 

I am thankful for all these moments, be it sweet or bitter.

Thank you for choosing The Flower Garden.
Making us part of your journey. 


" Sometimes I know I am more than just a Florist. " 
-- Hazel N. | Floral Designer, UK London certified